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IP Video Surveillance

Many security measures do not adequately account for internal theft or employee malfeasance. Video surveillance is common place in any business with important resources to protect. Our IP Video Surveillance solutions will immediately deter employee misconduct, increase productivity and safeguard against outside threats. In addition to theft, employee safety is an important part of surveillance technology. Security personnel monitoring live surveillance footage are able to address potential threats before anyone is put in danger. Increased security and video surveillance may also alleviate liability and lower insurance costs.

Low Cost, Minimal Equipment

Internet-based surveillance is a perfect fit for businesses that rely heavily on technology. Your business is most likely already equipped with the technological infrastructure for quickly and inexpensively implementing IP video surveillance. Our Dallas Video Surveillance team will strategically install discreet security cameras that can be monitored on any computer with proper clearance. The video is streamed for real time surveillance and recorded locally for future playback.