Success Stories

DFW IT Pro provides success stories on a daily basis with customers all over Texas. Below are a few of our selected examples:

Best Maid Products, Inc.

Our 82-year old Company has been doing business with DFW IT Pro since 2000. DFW IT Pro has kept our systems running efficiently during an important growth phase of our business, and given the best advice as to what improvements to make or not to make. Whenever there is any problem, DFW IT Pro is there. What else can be said? DFWITPRO is not your typical IT Company. Call them and forget about “that computer stuff”. They will make everything work flawlessly. Brian Dalton, Best Maid Products, Inc.

Concord Industries Inc.

The network services provided by DFW IT Pro has been excellent over the course of the last five years. The knowledge of the network software and hardware systems that have been installed and supported by DFW IT Pro are very strong. They have been able to resolve all of our network requirements in both a technologically current and a cost efficient manner. The support includes a remote site in Minnesota, our email systems, our web site, all of the servers, and the security software systems. The response time to all of our network problems has been as immediate as the situation required. The attention to all of network and computer needs for both big and small issues has always been very professional. We are very appreciative of all the services and support that we receive from DFW IT Pro. We plan to continue this relationship for as long as DFW IT Pro will support our network
John Bavender, Controller, Concord Industries Inc., LLC

DFW IT Pro has proven to be a vital part of our operation. Having them on our side makes us feel safe and secure to go forward with the growth plans of our business. They have always been responsible and quick in responding and solving our network-related problems. Personally, I cannot imagine anyone better at what they do than DFW IT Pro. Their extensive knowledge of hardware, software and networking, their ability to keep their skills always up to date and their talent in simplifying complicated tasks and effectively relating solutions to their clients have always impressed me.
Burak Sarigollu, Chief Executive Manager,, LLC