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Email Solutions

Your business should never have to worry about the security or reliability of email communication. DFW IT Pro provides a stable platform for email transmissions while filtering spam and guarding against viruses.

Security and Spam Filtering

  • Intuitive spam filtering and attachment scanning
  • Automated email back-up and recovery

Message Accessibility

  • Full featured webmail portal in the event of internal server malfunction
  • Automatic syncing between online portal and internal server

Message Compliance

  • Hosted solutions that complies to any email standard
  • Compliance with FINRA, SEC, FRCP, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA

Email Administration

  • No additional software required
  • Monitor and update filtering preferences
  • Administer accounts through secure administrative web portal

24-7 Support

  • Support available anytime via telephone, email or live web chat

DFW IT Pro understands the vital role email plays in the modern business. Our email solutions guarantee that all electronic information is transmitted securely and effectively.